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Gosiger News

Why Buy a Swiss-Style Turning Machine?

November 3, 2017

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High precision machining and high volume production don’t always go hand-in-hand. That’s why Swiss watch makers developed sliding headstock turning machines that achieve both goals.

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High Volume Production of Long Rods & Shafts on a Swiss-Style Lathe

July 24, 2015

Swiss-style sliding headstock CNC machine tools are ideal for high volume output, provided they have the necessary rigidity and accuracy. In this video you’ll see how a Nomura NN20UB8 turning machine equipped with a Quick Load Servo bar loader makes long shafts from blanks with no operator intervention.

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Precision of Swiss-Style Turning Machines Hinges on Construction

October 24, 2014

The distinguishing characteristic of a Swiss-style turning machine is the sliding headstock that feeds bar stock through a guide bushing. This feature enables the precise, high volume machining of many parts, especially those with small diameters. Because of the importance of accurate guide bushing positioning and spindle performance, how these components are crafted is vitally important.

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Video Shows How Efficient & Versatile a Swiss-Type Lathe Can be with the Right Peripherals

December 18, 2013

latheLong rods and shafts that require multiple operations can be efficiently machined on one Swiss-type lathe – if part of a well thought out work cell. Gosiger High Volume department met this challenge as demonstrated in this brief video of a customer installation.

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Swiss-Style Lathe Distributor and Partner

December 29, 2011

Gosiger’s commitment to providing high-quality CNC machines is without parallel. For example, our selection of Swiss-style lathes features the innovative manufacturer Nomura. As North America’s exclusive distributor of these Swiss-style lathes you know you are getting top notch CNC machinery with our superb product support.

Like every other CNC manufacturer we carry, Nomura Swiss-style lathes exceed our stringent standards of performance and value. For precise part fabrication, these Swiss screw machines are ideal for markets requiring tight tolerances on minute parts. Get the repeatability you need and your clients demand with a Gosiger CNC machinery solution.

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Distributor of Nomura Swiss Style Lathes

October 18, 2011

Flexibility and reliability are vital qualities in any CNC machine you invest in. Certainly options including a larger spindle, a large tool magazine, or even an auxiliary tool for complex parts can be desirable. But, for Swiss-style lathes, part tolerance and repeatability are paramount. When the job calls for a small, highly precise part, it’s the Nomura Swiss-style lathe that answers.

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The Benefits of CNC Lathes

August 9, 2011

In the machining world, there are certain jobs that only a CNC lathe can handle. CNC lathes are the standard machines when high-precision and high-performance are required. For product manufacturers, affordability isn’t the only requirement. Their machines have to function consistently, perform with a high level of precision, and continue to churn out the right product each and every time. That is exactly what CNC lathes offer.

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Nomura - The Answer to Your Swiss-Style Lathe Production Needs

June 7, 2011

When specializing in intricate, small-part manufacturing, a Swiss-style lathe/screw machine is required. Many times parts made by a CNC Swiss-style lathe measure only a few micrometers in length and involve complex features. You need the ideal machine to achieve the tight tolerances and complex machining and Gosiger has the solution.

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Swiss-Style Lathes and Micro-Part Fabrication

June 1, 2011

Working with a Swiss-style lathe or screw machine is typically the best solution for micro-part fabrication. While avoiding the use of a Swiss-style lathe can be done, you may be missing out on the advantages of working with this helpful machine.

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Nomura-Swiss Style Lathes

May 29, 2011

Gosiger is a committed distributor of high quality CNC machines and products. We only offer brands that live up to our standards of performance, value, and reliability. Our customers rely on the products we carry to run well and perform - producing precision parts for their business.

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