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Gosiger News

Swiss-Style Lathe Distributor and Partner

Gosiger’s commitment to providing high-quality CNC machines is without parallel. For example, our selection of Swiss-style lathes features the innovative manufacturer Nomura. As North America’s exclusive distributor of these Swiss-style lathes you know you are getting top notch CNC machinery with our superb product support.

Like every other CNC manufacturer we carry, Nomura Swiss-style lathes exceed our stringent standards of performance and value. For precise part fabrication, these Swiss screw machines are ideal for markets requiring tight tolerances on minute parts. Get the repeatability you need and your clients demand with a Gosiger CNC machinery solution.

When you partner with Gosiger, you get a level of support beyond simply purchasing a CNC machining product. You get a manufacturing partner that provides the upgrades, maintenance, and on-going support that every manufacturing shop should have regardless of their size. Forge a partnership with us and get high-quality Swiss-style lathe solutions and excellent service support.

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