For more than 50 years NomuraSwiss has designed and crafted precise, reliable Swiss-style turning machines.

The very nature of a sliding headstock machine requires greater attention to detail, and that has always been a distinguishing characteristic of NomuraSwiss machines. Here are a few examples of how NomuraSwiss creates exceptional Swiss-style machine tools:

  • Hand scraping guiding surfaces to enhance stability and reduce friction. This painstaking process yields an ultra-precise surface with sub-micron unevenness of less than 0.0001mm.
  • A proprietary heat-treating process enables the spindle to maintain greater strength, precision and stability.
  • Larger-than-average, heavy-duty ball screws in each axis convey power more efficiently from the motor to the headstock.
  • Dovetail slides provide greater strength and rigidity.

NomuraSwiss Swiss-style turning machines are ideal for machining complex parts, working with difficult-to-machine materials, achieving fine surface finishes and reducing tool costs.

Select a specific NomuraSwiss High Volume Series to learn more:



U Series

High precision part capability with a variety of options.


S Series

Compact and versatile Swiss-type automatic lathe with high performance capability.


UB Series

A series with a variety of options to handle complex parts.


J Series

A series with standard machining capabilities and versatile configurations.


YB Series

Adaptable series to handle complex parts with increased productivity.


DST Series

Rigid, precise and fast mill/tap center, available with several options.