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Gosiger News

Flexible Pallet Cell Makes Robotic Automation Affordable

July 31, 2015

Manually loading and unloading workpieces is not only tedious, repetitious work for machine tool operators, it also adds time and labor costs to every part you make. Automating the process using an industrial robot can reduce these costs while giving your shop’s productivity a significant boost. Now Gosiger Automation reduces the cost of robotic automation with its Flexible Pallet Cell (FPC).

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Okuma Pallet Pool FMS Designed For Shops With Limited Floor Space

March 27, 2015

Okuma Pallet Pool FMS Designed For Shops With Limited Floor Space  If you’ve considered the advantages of a Flexible Manufacturing System (FMS) for your CNC machining operation but don’t think you have the necessary floor space, Okuma has a solution for you. The company’s newest Pallet Pool System connects select Okuma machining centers, including 5-axis machines, to enable automatic part handling and pallet changes.

The system is extremely flexible:

  • Various pallet options can be arranged either in line with the Z axis or transversely in line with the X axis to accommodate your process flow
  • The systems can be retrofitted to select Okuma machines
  • Compact construction and single level storage system means the systems fit in even tight spaces
  • Standard load station can be manually rotated around its vertical axis and locked at 90º intervals
  • The Pallet Pool Control (PPC) fully integrates with the Okuma THINC®-OSP  control for error-free operation
  • All critical information is displayed at the operator load station to save worker time
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Manufacturing Pallet Systems: 7 Questions

July 3, 2014

pallet-systems_(1)It’s no secret that factory automation is one of the keys to improving manufacturing productivity. Of course, the term “automation” includes a number of technologies that can be applied to various manufacturing functions. The trick is to integrate the right components into a seamless automated system that best meets your needs.

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Factory Automation: Robots & More

December 23, 2013

roboticAutomationRobotic-based CNC machine tool automation is proven to reduce operator time and cost-per-part. It also enables unattended and lights-out operation, eliminates human error and improves spindle utilization. All of which greatly enhances productivity. For more on this topic, download the free white paper The Case For Robotic-Based Automation.

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Automated Modular Pallet System Reduces Idle Spindle Time, Optimizes Throughput

January 2, 2013

Dayton, OH – According to Okuma machine tool distributor and automation specialist, Gosiger, Inc., getting maximum productivity from CNC machining requires a careful analysis of how work flows through the entire manufacturing operation. In many cases CNC machine shops will benefit from Flexible Manufacturing Systems (FMS) such as the Okuma Automated Modular Pallet System (AMPS).

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Pallet Systems Make Manufacturing more Flexible and Efficient

November 19, 2012

palletFor many manufacturers getting the maximum productivity out of their CNC machines requires addressing how work flows throughout the entire manufacturing process. Gosiger has a number of options that can aid manufacturers by managing materials, tools and workpieces at various stages of the process.

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AMPS Flexible Manufacturing Systems from Gosiger Boost Productivity

May 7, 2012

In today’s competitive manufacturing environment an idle CNC machine spindle is an ugly thing. Yet the typical stand-alone machining center runs only about 1/3 of the time, while patiently waiting for setup, programming or workpiece loading and unloading. All of which means less cutting time and lost productivity.

That’s why Gosiger recommends the Okuma Automated Modular Pallet System (AMPS). This unique, flexible manufacturing system (FMS) optimizes throughput by managing your production schedule and level loading your machining centers. In addition, AMPS enhanced production lines can often be managed by a single operator, thus reducing labor costs.

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New Pallet Systems Make Okuma Horizontal Machining Centers Even More Productive

February 6, 2012

Okuma horizontal machining centers include a number of unique capabilities including the Thermo-Friendly Concept to control thermal deformation, a broad range of spindles and horsepower to match your requirements, THINC intelligent controls, and other productivity-enhancing features.

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