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Gosiger News

Distributor of Nomura Swiss Style Lathes

Flexibility and reliability are vital qualities in any CNC machine you invest in. Certainly options including a larger spindle, a large tool magazine, or even an auxiliary tool for complex parts can be desirable. But, for Swiss-style lathes, part tolerance and repeatability are paramount. When the job calls for a small, highly precise part, it’s the Nomura Swiss-style lathe that answers.

Gosiger supports and provides Nomura Swiss-style lathes that are up to the challenge. As the exclusive North America distributor of the Nomura Swiss-style lathes, Gosiger not only provides training on how to use them, but can also help determine the right options and provide service for the life of the machine. Your CNC operators will be more efficient and pleased with the ease of operation. With five series to choose from you are sure to find the machine to turn out your small parts orders.

  • SB6 Series – 4 types are available. Type I is ideal for turning operations, while Type III is for more sophisticated, high precision machining. Full C-axis with both spindles. 16mm bar capacity.
  • U3 Series – Nine stationary tools and 4 live tools for improved performance. Standard 200mm bar length can be optionally increased to 500mm.
  • UB8 Series – Rapid feed rate of 36m/min is standard with options like off-center drilling on the main spindle and independent X and Z axis motion available.
  • J Series – Independent slides for both the main and back spindle, full C-axis functionality and customizable options allows this machine to perform machining typically found only with larger CNC machines.
  • YB Series – The flagship of the Nomura line of Swiss-style lathes. Ideally suited for highly complex parts with tight tolerances.

Safety is also important. As standard equipment, all Nomura lathes come with:

  • Coolant oil cut-off detection
  • Main spindle load detection
  • Cut-off tool brakeage detection
  • Door safety interlock switch
  • Surge protection and auto power shutoff

For more information on Nomura Swiss Style lathes "Known world-wide for extreme rigidity and reliability" distributed by Gosiger, contact us today.