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Gosiger News

7 Ways to Keep Your IT Systems Safe

December 20, 2013

ITsecurityCNC machine tool users typically love new technologies. That’s why most have embraced the digital world through computer networks, remote monitoring and reporting, mobile devices loaded with APPs, and online transmission of CAD drawings and other important data.

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5 Ways the Bad Guys Can Hurt Your Business

November 7, 2013

SaxIt’s challenging enough to run a successful CNC machine shop these days without worrying about people trying to steal from you. Unfortunately, it’s a reality we all must face. Certainly, there have always been thieves and con artists, however today’s technologies and the rapid pace of business provide new opportunities for them to get hold of your hard earned dollars. Following are 5 of the most common scams aimed at businesses of all sizes and what you can do to keep the scammers’ fingers out of your pocket.

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Keeping Your Smartphone Data Secure

May 31, 2013

describe the imageMost business people rely heavily on their smartphones and tablets to help manage their personal and business lives. Which means that we use these devices to transact banking business, make travel plans, send and receive emails, access the Internet and social media sites and even transfer CAD drawings and other customer information. So anyone who gets their hands on the phone, itself, or hacks their way in has access to data that can cause us a world of hurt, as anyone who’s had a brush with identity theft or industrial espionage will tell you.

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6 Ways Your Shop Can Safeguard Passwords

January 15, 2013

Gosiger SafetyPasswords are a fact of life in our digital age. We use them in both our business and personal lives to access everything from important data and financial information to games and social media sites. We’ve all heard of people who are victims of identity theft and the misery that creates. But what if someone accessed your business data? At minimum they could temporarily disrupt your business activities. Worse, they could cause major damage to your credit, financial standing and customer relationships. With this in mind, here are 6 “Dos & Don’ts” to help safeguard your passwords and all of the information they protect.

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Protecting Your Passwords

August 20, 2012

LockAlthough we’ve never become a truly paperless society, we all have an incredible amount of information stored digitally in a variety of locations. Gigabytes of both personal and business information are on our computer hard dives, backup drives, servers and in the “Cloud.” Of course, we’re secure in the knowledge that our most sensitive data can only be accessed via a secret password. But how safe are those passwords?

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