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Are You Prepared if Violence Erupts in Your Workplace?

December 17, 2013

Workplace violence is not a subject we like to think about and, in a simpler time, was seldom on our radar. However as recent events demonstrate all too clearly, acts of violence in schools, malls, theatres, other public places and, yes, in workplaces is on the rise.

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7 Reasons Why the Boss Needs to Walk the Shop Floor

October 29, 2013

bdamonOwners and managers of CNC machine shops are typically hands on people. They often get started by running jobs themselves, and some never stop. As the business grows, however, many get bogged down in administrative duties, meeting with customers (extremely important), and putting out fires. All of which may keep them from spending time on the production floor.

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What to Look for in Your Next Manufacturing Supervisor

July 12, 2012

TrainingAs CNC machining operations prosper and grow, they may need to add more supervision. Regardless of whether you promote from within or hire from the outside, there are some key capabilities you’ll want your new supervisor to bring to the job. Remember: Not everyone is capable of juggling the many responsibilities that come with being a supervisor, even if they are competent in their current position. And putting the wrong person in charge can be a costly mistake. With that in mind, here are some questions to ask as you go through the evaluation process:

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3 Simple Ways Manufacturing Managers Can Increase Their Productivity

May 1, 2012

In today’s competitive manufacturing world, productivity is the key to success, so we invest in people and equipment that can make us more efficient. For managers of any kind, from owner or production manager to supervisor or shift leader, getting the most out of our own workday is often a challenge. There are always interruptions, unexpected problems and fires to put out. So how can we juggle all of our responsibilities and still be productive?

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