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Are You Buying A Machine Tool Or A Solution? 5 Questions To Answer.

March 17, 2017

There are many compelling reasons to invest in a new CNC machine tool including: replacing an older model that, literally, just can’t cut it any longer, expanding capacity and/or capabilities to take on new orders, and improving productivity. However, before you start comparing speeds and feeds and other performance indicators, step back for a moment to consider the bigger picture. Ask yourself five strategic questions, the answers to which will help sharpen your perspective.

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5 Ways To Extend The Life Of Your CNC Machine

April 29, 2016

You may remember a long running campaign for automotive transmission service that stated: “You can pay me now, or you can pay me later.” The phrase still holds true when it comes to performing preventative maintenance on cars, trucks or CNC machine tools.

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7 Reasons to Consider a Multifunction CNC Machine

November 14, 2014

7 Reasons To Consider A Multifunction CNC MachineStudies show that human beings are not particularly good and multitasking, despite our belief that we can successfully do more than one thing at a time. That’s why talking and texting while driving leads to so many bad outcomes.

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7 Facts About Dual Column (Bridge-Type) CNC Machines

October 15, 2013

describe the imageDating back to the time when all machine tools were operated manually and part tolerances were more forgiving, the “C” machine design was the industry standard. When CNC came along, dimensional tolerances tightened and manufacturers demanded faster spindle speeds to deal with harder-to-machine alloys, the inherent performance problems with the “C” design became obvious. We asked Jim Endsley, Product Specialist Machining Centers for Okuma, to explain why the company moved from “C” designs to the current double column or bridge design. Here are the facts Jim shared with us:

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7 Things You Should Know About CNC Machine Motors

September 26, 2013

HorsepowerMost of us first heard the term “horsepower” when we became interested in motor vehicles. As youngsters, the concept was pretty simple: More horsepower meant faster cars. That was before we learned about the other factors that affect automobile performance such as torque and RPM.

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How to Step Up Your CNC Game for Under $100,000

August 27, 2013

describe the imageThe economy is improving but with competition the way it is these days, no CNC machine shop – regardless of size – can afford to stand still. To take your business to the next level you need to invest in quality, high-performing machine tools – without going broke. That’s why, for a limited time, Gosiger is making it possible to step up to an Okuma Genos L300-MY Turning Center for only $99,900.

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Custom APPs Provide Greater Productivity for Okuma CNC Machine Users

May 2, 2013

blogvideoDayton, OH — CNC machine distributor and factory automation integrator Gosiger, Inc. develops custom APPs for Okuma OSP controls that enable machine users to manage manufacturing processes more efficiently and accurately. These APPs are specifically designed for each customer’s application and seamlessly integrated into the Okuma OSP control system.

Gosiger programmers have recently developed custom APPs for these purposes:

  • Lathe High Pressure Coolant Interface — controls the high pressure coolant delivery system from the Okuma OSP control allowing usage of standard machine coolant and auto control, while enabling manual override via the touch screen.
  • Steady Rest With Integrated Operator User Interface — allows the operator to control and monitor the steady rest and provides program setup without switching screens.
  • Lathe Double Tool Life — enables the customer to have 2 cutting tools on each turret tool station. The program keeps track of the life of the first tool and when it expires calls up the offsets for the spare tool which automatically replaces the worn tool.
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6 Tips for Using Live Tooling

April 18, 2013

describe the imageLive tooling for CNC turning machines expands a manufacturer’s options by enabling off-center, secondary operations such as drilling, tapping, and end milling on the part face and around the diameter. As you might expect, there are a number of important considerations when adding live tooling to your existing CNC machines or including it in a new machine purchase. Here are 6 such points to think about.

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7 Ways to Reduce CNC Machine Service Costs

March 21, 2013

Reduce CNC Machine Service CostThe true cost of servicing a CNC machine tool, including downtime, can get very expensive. However there are a number of common sense ways you can reduce the number of service calls you make each year. Here are 7:

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7 Questions to Ask Yourself When Looking for a CNC Machine

December 10, 2012

question markLooking for a new CNC machine tool? Answering these 7 important questions will help you focus your search, save time and frustration, and ultimately guide you toward a sound financial investment.

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