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See How 1 Call Center Speeds up Technical Service

September 17, 2013

Dayton, OH – When a CNC machine shop customer needs parts, technical service, or simply a question answered, they want it handled right now. None of us have much patience when a machine is down or when we need information to keep production moving. That’s why over the past few years Dayton, Ohio

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Tackling the “Unmountable Boot Volume” ERROR: Engineering Case Study

December 27, 2012

Initial Problem: Customer says the C: Drive on their “MC-Bii” with a “P200 PNC2” is filling up with MM.PBU files, and that there is not enough drive space, for their Anti-Virus to update.

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Auto Set ZB Variable Limits and Steady Rest Base Clamp/Unclamp

November 20, 2012

The Initial Problem: The customer has bought 2 Okuma MACTURN 550′s with steady rest options. They have some older 550′s that have had a problem with the “ZB” Axis Covers. It seems that it’s possible to move the B Turret too close to the steady rest, causing the covers to be crushed, or to move the

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The Real Cost of Owning Your Machine Tool: Know the 7 Key Factors

July 28, 2011

Real Cost 3 What does your machine tool really cost? According to Jeff Murray, Gosiger’s southern Ohio Sales Manager, the real cost of ownership of a machine tool is a bit more complex than it may appear. When you are considering investing in a

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