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Gosiger News

See How 1 Call Center Speeds up Technical Service

September 17, 2013

Dayton, OH – When a CNC machine shop customer needs parts, technical service, or simply a question answered, they want it handled right now. None of us have much patience when a machine is down or when we need information to keep production moving. That’s why over the past few years Dayton, Ohio based CNC machine tool distributor and automation integrator Gosiger, Inc. has refined its ability to respond to customer phone calls by using Internet Protocol (IP) technology and a new customer response model.

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Tackling the “Unmountable Boot Volume” ERROR: Engineering Case Study

December 27, 2012

errorInitial Problem: Customer says the C: Drive on their “MC-Bii” with a “P200 PNC2” is filling up with MM.PBU files, and that there is not enough drive space, for their Anti-Virus to update.

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Auto Set ZB Variable Limits and Steady Rest Base Clamp/Unclamp

November 20, 2012

The Initial Problem: The customer has bought 2 Okuma MACTURN 550′s with steady rest options. They have some older 550′s that have had a problem with the “ZB” Axis Covers. It seems that it’s possible to move the B Turret too close to the steady rest, causing the covers to be crushed, or to move the B Turret too far from the steady rest causing the covers to be pulled apart. The Sales Department wants a solution to this, but in order to get the fix from Okuma an RFEQ must be submitted, and so begins a lengthily process of getting a design change from the OEM .

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The Real Cost of Owning Your Machine Tool: Know the 7 Key Factors

July 28, 2011

Real Cost 3 What does your machine tool really cost? According to Jeff Murray, Gosiger’s southern Ohio Sales Manager, the real cost of ownership of a machine tool is a bit more complex than it may appear. When you are considering investing in a new machine tool, first work through these seven important factors that can add up and cost you money...or save you money.

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