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Nomura - The Answer to Your Swiss-Style Lathe Production Needs

When specializing in intricate, small-part manufacturing, a Swiss-style lathe/screw machine is required. Many times parts made by a CNC Swiss-style lathe measure only a few micrometers in length and involve complex features. You need the ideal machine to achieve the tight tolerances and complex machining and Gosiger has the solution.

We are North America's exclusive dealer in Nomura Swiss-style lathes. With many models and options to choose from, making the proper decision on the right CNC lathe can be difficult. That's where we help with our extensive experience in providing quality and comprehensive solutions time and time again.

We take the time to understand the challenges you face, recommend the ideal Swiss-style lathe, present additional options to improve production expectations, and deliver your equipment on site - on time!

Want to learn more about how we can help your production potential increase? Contact Gosiger today for more information.