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Okuma End-of-Year Promo

Here's the deal: Purchase Okuma's GENOS M560-V and GENOS L250II at unprecedented price points!

Take advantage of Tax Section 179 for more savings. 

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Okuma MB-5000HII

The MB-5000HII is a high-speed, thermally-stable horizontal machining center that offers quick acceleration, short tool changes, and high power to improve productivity. Compared to the previous model, this machine's powerful cutting capabilities and high-speed automation increase productivity and reduce cycle time by up to 25%, while the 20% smaller footprint maximizes valuable shop floor space.

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Introducing the VBX-160

A revolutionary all-in-one CNC Automated Solution, made possible by MultiGrip™ technology. The Load & Go VBX-160 delivers easy-to-use, accurate, repeatable, and reliable automation for all shops including high-mix, low-volume manufacturing.

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