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Gosiger News

Tooling & Aerospace Materials: Learn From Experts

September 22, 2015

Machining aerospace materials can be challenging in a number of ways, especially when dealing with high temperature alloys. This is especially true for CNC shops that traditionally work with more common materials such as carbon steels and non-ferrous alloys. For example, heat-resistant alloys may require both significantly lower cutting speeds and greater tool pressures.

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Free Aerospace Machining White Papers

July 25, 2014

july-aerospace-blogAerospace machining represents a great opportunity for CNC machine shops that are searching for new income streams. However there are a number of challenges to overcome and specialized skills required.

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Tips For Milling Aluminum Aerospace Parts

June 25, 2013

describe the imageIf you don’t have experience machining aluminum alloys but you’d like to expand your capabilities to solicit work from aerospace companies, here are a few points to consider:

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CNC Grinders

August 4, 2011

For product manufacturers in the machining industry, CNC grinders are the workhorses of their production lines. The versatility and high amount of precision make these machines a highly valuable and crucial player in the world of machining. CNC grinders enhance productivity by offering features such as automatic tool loading and the support of multiple grinding wheels.

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New Strategies and Tools for Machining Titanium More Effectively

May 16, 2011

The challenges of machining titanium are many. Yet in the aerospace industry, titanium’s lightweight strength is in great demand. A thorough understanding of titanium’s properties and challenges are critical to success in machining titanium. Learn more about how Gosiger and Sandvik Coromant partnered to develop innovative new solutions that can help you efficiently tool complicated titanium components.

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