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Gosiger News

7 Reasons To Switch From Vertical To Horizontal Machining

April 21, 2017

An interesting trend popped up in a recent study of high-performing CNC shops: Many have greatly improved the efficiency of their machining processes by switching from a Vertical Machining Center (VMC) to a Horizontal Machining Center (HMC).

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Dynamic Machining Methods Demonstrated

April 7, 2017

Using the BlueSwarf tap testing and dashboard to determine end mill cutting parameters, an Okuma GENOS M560V vertical machining center (VMC) is captured on video as it engages in various dynamic machining methods.

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Machining Hard Materials on a Vertical Machining Center

May 27, 2016

In this video an Okuma GENOS M560-V Vertical Machining Center is put to the test by machining S7 56Rc steel for a die/mold application. The VMC is equipped with a 15K Big Plus spindle and Hi-Cut options.

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Sprocket Machining Demo Shows VMC Versatility

October 16, 2015

In this video Gosiger CNC Applications Specialist Brian Stall demonstrates the Hardinge Conquest V 1000.

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No Need to Sacrifice VMC Performance For a Low Purchase Price

August 21, 2015

When it’s time to buy a new car most of us are drawn to the top-of-the line model equipped with all the latest bells and whistles. Then reality sets in and we decide which features are really important and those we can live without for the price we want to pay. However we still want excellent performance, reliability, safety, and value for our investment.

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Automation Video: One Robot, Two VMCs, 4 Workpiece

January 16, 2015

Automation Video: One Robot, Two VMCs, 4 WorkpieceIn another example of Gosiger Automation designed robot-based factory automation, this video, demonstrates how a Fanuc M-16iB robot services two Okuma Vertical Machining Centers (VMC). Each machining center is equipped with 4-position, 4th axis indexers. Four workpieces at a time are loaded into precision workholding fixtures, and returned to precision pallets for further automated processing. Note how the conveyor system moves the workpieces into position for the robot arm to pick and load them into the machine tool, then flips the fixture around to deposit the machined parts into the pallets. The machined parts are then moved along the conveyor to the next step in the process.

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Hardinge Releases New 5-Face Bridgeport VMC's

April 12, 2013

describe the imageHardinge Inc., a leading international provider of advanced metal-cutting solutions, announces the release of two all-new Bridgeport 5-Face (4+1) Vertical Machining Centers – the GX 250 5F and GXR 320 5F. These new 4+1 axis vertical machining centers are high quality machine tools designed to achieve maximum capacity and performance in the job shop, OEM, aerospace, medical, electronic, defense, automotive and power generation industries, as well as many other manufacturing sectors.

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25 Preventative Maintenance Points for Top-Performing HMCs and VMCs

November 21, 2012

CHECKLISTAll machinery requires routine maintenance. Vertical Machining Centers (VMC) and Horizontal Machining Centers (HMC) are no exception. However, in most manufacturing facilities the emphasis is on production, not machine maintenance. This is to be expected, as the challenges of maintaining profitable production are always foremost in a manufacturer’s mind.

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Bridgeport GX 250 5AX Product Release

August 31, 2012

bridgportHardinge is pleased to announce the release of the Bridgeport GX 250 5AX Vertical Machining Center. This rigid, C-frame machine features a compact footprint, fully integrated 5-Axis rotary table and user-friendly Fanuc 31i control with 10.4” LCD. The machine is ideally suited for the demanding requirements of the die/mold, aerospace, medical and automotive industries. The GX-250 5AX is designed to handle small, complex workpieces that require closely held tolerances and fine surface finishes.

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New Vertical Machining Center Works Smarter

February 23, 2012

Boosting CNC Productivity 3 The phrase “Work smarter, not just harder” takes on new meaning as Gosiger helped convince Okuma to apply the company’s vaunted THINC system to the Hardinge-built Bridgeport VMC GX 1000. This enhanced version is named VMC GX 1000 OSP.

The idea is to make this rugged, affordable, Vertical Machining Center (VMC) with optional rotary 4th axis even more productive and versatile, while providing a common control system for Okuma machine users who need a value-priced VMC. It’s an idea that has taken off as customers recognize the uncommon value this marriage of technologies represents:

  • Maximum feed speed increases to 1417 ipm (36 m/min) from 392 ipm (10 m/min) along with faster and more precise acceleration and deceleration.
  • Greater machining accuracy enables efficient production of more complex parts.
  • Increased power allows machining of harder alloys to 60 Rockwell.
  • Digital THINC system reduces processing time from control to tool from up to15 milliseconds to a mere 3-5 milliseconds for faster throughput.
  • Simplifies part programming with on-board capability, and increases program storage to 2 GB.
  • Priced at less than $100,000, the VMC GX 1000 OSP represents outstanding value.
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