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Nomura-Swiss Style Lathes

Gosiger is a committed distributor of high quality CNC machines and products. We only offer brands that live up to our standards of performance, value, and reliability. Our customers rely on the products we carry to run well and perform - producing precision parts for their business.

One such product is the Nomura Swiss-style lathes. When you choose Nomura, you're choosing precision, reliability, and innovation. Gosiger is the proud, exclusive distributor of Nomura CNC Swiss Turning Centers in North America.

Nomura's Swiss-style lathes are intended for typical small-diameter work and feature up to ten stationary tools and three live tools. These lathes are designed to provide fast cycle times with reduced space. These machines have unmatched machining capabilities and their interchangeability handles any precision turning operation, drilling, or milling jobs. A variety of high speed spindles and sub spindles are available to provide pip-free cutoff and simultaneous drilling operations.

Nomura equips its Swiss-style lathes with features such as a part catcher for separating parts from chips, a chip basket, and coolant tank for ease in handling parts. Large work spaces make it easier than ever to setup parts for milling and drilling. A series of highly refined tool posts and holders optimize thermal stability for the most accurate machines to date - precise down to the micron units of measurement.

Gosiger is the only provider of Nomura lathes in North America. For more information on the Swiss-style lathes and how they can work to maximize your business's productivity, contact Gosiger today.