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7 Ways to Tell if Your Manufacturing Process is Truly “Lean”

December 24, 2013

Lean manufacturing has been around for quite a while, and many manufacturers have embraced the philosophy of continuously looking for ways to eliminate waste in their processes. However, the true meaning of Lean involves much more than automating an activity or streamlining an operation, as

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Value Stream Mapping in 7 Steps

June 11, 2013

Machine Accessories Productivity 3 One of the most useful tools CNC machine shops have for reducing costs and improving performance is a concept called Value Stream Mapping. Typically used by companies who wish to implement Lean Manufacturing, Value Stream Mapping is a

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5 Ways To Reduce Manufacturing Costs

February 14, 2013

For many years all aspects of business have been under intense pressure to drive down costs so we can be more competitive and profitable. Perhaps nowhere is this pressure more intense than in manufacturing. Of course, there are a number of ways to reduce production costs, and you have most

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Affordable Factory Automation from Gosiger Gives CNC Machine Shop a Competitive Edge

March 14, 2012

Energy Dynamics, Inc. (EDI) is a nearly 30-year-old Illinois precision CNC machine shop that specializes in making hydraulic components and assemblies for a variety of major OEMs. The cylinders, pistons, electro control shafts and other items EDI produces find their way into heavy equipment,

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Lean Manufacturing Keeps Precision CNC Machine Shop Productive & Profitable

March 12, 2012

Accurate Grinding and Manufacturing Corporation and its Accurate Fishing Products division is a family business run by Jack Nilsen and his twin sons David and Douglas, Accurate began as a small CNC machine shop in 1950 and developed into a successful precision operation catering to the aerospace

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