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Gosiger High Volume

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Improving productivity and profitability for high volume manufacturers in fields like automotive, fluid power and medical devices requires careful analysis and out-of-the-ordinary thinking. Gosiger high-volume engineers and applications specialists listen carefully to your needs and then recommend solutions that optimize speed, accuracy and reliability for your best ROI.


For more than 50 years, NomuraSwiss has designed and crafted precise, reliable Swiss-style turning machines. The very nature of a sliding headstock machine requires greater attention to detail, and that has always been a distinguishing characteristic of NomuraSwiss machines.

NomuraSwiss Swiss-style turning machines are ideal for machining complex parts, working with difficult-to-machine materials, achieving fine surface finishes and reducing tool costs.

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NomuraSwiss Swiss-style turning machine


iFP high performance vacuum parts washers provide a self-contained, highly efficient and environmentally friendly solution to meet your most demanding parts washing requirements.

iFP systems can safely use the industry’s leading solvents, guaranteeing the best cleaning results for parts manufactured in oil or water base cutting fluids, especially those presenting the most challenging internal or external features.

Superior solvent distillation, filtration and oil separation designs combine to assure the most miniscule solvent consumption, reduced labor and highly reduced waste disposal / handling costs.

ifP offers high-performance vacuum parts washers.


More than 135 years of machine tool innovation and tradition, Schütte offers the most extensive lineup of Multi-Spindle automatic machines.

With Schütte CNC and CAM automatics you can pursue with confidence, the most difficult parts and materials with the kind of speed, accuracy, and rigidity that is synonymous with our name. Fully independent spindles, compound slides, linear technology, and far-reaching backworking capabilities…all on a Schütte platform.

Schütte offers an extensive lineup of multi-spindle automatic machines.


GOSIGER introduced the EUROTURN® multi-spindle machine to the American market during the late 1990s. The EUROTURN® helped energize and revitalize the multi-spindle manufacturing space and bridged the gap from conventional manual CAM machines to CAM/CNC combinations to full CNC. During the subsequent years from its introduction through today, GOSIGER has installed over 350 EUROTURNS®.


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