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Gosiger News

How To Cost-Effectively Clean Machined Parts & Be Kind To The Planet

June 23, 2017

In many high-volume production applications, the customer may demand that parts be thoroughly cleaned of any cutting oil, chips or other debris prior to delivery. In some cases, water-based cleaning agents may suffice. However, many complex parts and those made from metals that don’t react well to aqueous cleaning require the use of hydrocarbon or modified alcohol solvents. These chemicals, of course, can have serious environmental and worker safety issues if not used properly.

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Vacuum Parts Washer Provides Safe, Effective, Solvent-Based Cleaning

February 11, 2013

ifpDayton, OH – High-volume machining and automation specialist, Gosiger, Inc. now offers a parts washing system that thoroughly cleans parts machined in oil using programmable spraying, immersion, submerged jets, ultrasonic and vapor cleaning methods that can be applied either statically, or in conjunction with oscillation or rotation.

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The Way You Clean Parts Can Affect Your Productivity

October 8, 2012

clean partsIn many cases your customers require the parts you ship to be free of chips, metal dust, dirt and machine oils. This is especially important when the parts are heading for plating or coating operations. For some companies, this process can become a time-wasting bottleneck. Manual cleaning incurs labor costs, time away from machine operation, the cost of the chemicals used and the time and money required to properly dispose of the cleaning solutions. Even aqueous-based cleaners must be disposed of in keeping with state, local and federal regulations to protect the environment.

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Cleaner Parts & a Cleaner Environment with Gosiger Vacuum Parts Cleaning Solutions

August 7, 2012

green earthMany CNC machining companies are acutely aware of the complexity of cleaning parts to various industry standards, adhering to increasingly tighter environmental requirements, and the need to reduce labor and material costs associated with part cleaning. However there is still a good deal of confusion regarding the various cleaning methods and equipment options.

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