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Gosiger News

Big News for 5-Axis Machining

November 1, 2012

5-axis machineThe benefits of 5-axis machining are well known to many manufacturers. Unlike traditional 3- and 4-axis machines, 5-axis simultaneous machining eliminates multiple special fixtures and considerable operator time required to move parts from one machine to another and set up the parts in between machining cycles. With true 5-axis capability you can completely machine a part in one cycle, often without any special fixtures, and with no costly operator intervention.

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Seeing Thermal Deformation as a Friend

October 18, 2012

0180610201004Dealing with thermal deformation can be a time-consuming activity for the machine operator. When Okuma engineers were struggling to find a way to control the natural tendency of machine components to expand during machining operations, they had an epiphany, according to Okuma’s Senda Harumitsu. “We were doing thermal analysis day after day when a new idea emerged: Even if we go all out and cool or insulate the machine room or the heat-generating parts as we do the spindle, it won’t work. It would drive up costs too high and no one would use it. What we need is high-accuracy machining merged with thermal-deformation control.” 

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Thermal Deformation Compensation is Built into Okuma CNC Machines, not Added On

May 21, 2012

High Temp Alloys 3 A fundamental premise of Okuma’s Intelligent Technology concept is to build advanced technologies into their CNC lathes, turning centers, multitasking machines and machining centers. In this way the machines are designed from the outset to increase efficiency for manufacturers. One example is the Okuma Thermo-Friendly Concept.

Dealing with thermal deformation can be a time-consuming activity for the machine operator, often involving many test runs to compensate for the affects of ambient workplace temperatures, heat produced by the machine itself, and heat generated by the machining process. Nothing can prevent these temperature variations from occurring, so the question is: How do you compensate for them? Okuma’s answer is three-fold: (1) Simple machine construction that allows heat to be evenly transmitted, which makes expansion and contraction highly predictable; (2) a thermally symmetrical, double-column, box-build design plus strategic placement of front covers and the rear control cabinet for even heat distribution; (3) Highly Accurate Compensation Technology, managed by the Okuma-developed THINC OSP control system that responds to changes in room temperature, and heat produced by frequent spindle speed changes and dry cutting.

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Boosting CNC Machining Productivity With Okuma’s Intelligent Technology

March 26, 2012

Intelligent Control Systems 4 It’s a constant challenge to make high-quality parts while reducing cycle time, material waste and operator involvement. That’s why Okuma engineers design machines that use the latest technologies to help manufacturers reduce the time an operator spends adjusting for temperature-related issues, avoiding costly collisions and determining optimum cutting conditions.

These built-in functions on many Okuma CNC lathes, turning centers, multitasking machines and machining centers are part of the company’s Intelligent Technology initiative to make machining faster, easier and more profitable.

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Okuma's Thermo-Friendly Concept Improves Quality and Saves Time

February 1, 2012

Dealing with temperature variations to maintain acceptable tolerances of machined parts can rob your operation of productivity and profitability. That’s why Okuma developed its Thermo-Friendly Concept to both reduce heat generated in the machining process and to compensate for any remaining heat. 

The first step is to design machines to better manage deformation with what Okuma terms “thermally symmetrical structures.” This involves viewing the various machine components as individual building blocks, and designing covers and peripherals to eliminate hot spots.

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Award-Winning Okuma CNC Lathe Control Systems

May 30, 2011

Gosiger leads the way to better solutions and superior services by partnering with the most innovative manufacturers in the CNC machining industry. One example of this is an Okuma CNC lathe THINC intelligent control system. It addresses one of the more critical elements in machining today - thermal deformation.

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