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Gosiger Automation

Interested in Streamlining Your Workflow?

Gosiger Automation specializes in applying robotics to streamline workpiece flow. The result is improved throughput, reduced direct labor costs, consistent part quality and faster deliveries. Whether you’d like to automate the loading and unloading of a single machine tool or  enhance the workflow of an entire production line, we can help. With dozens of successful installations in factories throughout the U.S. and 90+ years of working in the machine tool industry, Gosiger Automation has the talent and experience to develop a solution that precisely meets your needs.

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Why Robotic Automation?













productivity-icon Productivity

Are you getting maximum usage of your CNC machine tools? Here’s a simple test: Divide cycle time into available machine time and then compare this number to your actual production results. If you’d like to lessen the gap between these two numbers, consider robotic automation. It can typically improve productivity by 30% or more. Here’s how:
  • Robots don’t hesitate, take breaks, tend to other matters or take sick days. On demand they load and unload workpieces repeatedly for every cycle.
  • A CNC machine can make parts while the robot loads another machine.
  • The system can perform inspection, tooling exchange or changeovers, and material handling all while a second machine makes more parts.

repeatability-icon Repeatability

Robots load each part exactly the same way, every time to produce consistent production quality and quantity day-after-day. To take full advantage of robotic automation, the machining process should be designed to eliminate irregularities and inconsistencies that would require the operator to intervene. If you need assistance refining your process, we can call in the experienced applications specialists in our Engineered Systems Division.

reliability-icon Reliability

Much like your CNC control that is likely the most reliable component of your machine tool, an industrial robot is a highly reliable, 6-axis, CNC part handling machine, that does precisely what you program it to do, time after time.

flexibility-icon Flexibility

Part specifications change, new part orders come in and, because your robotic automation works so efficiently, you have additional capacity to make new parts or expand part families. In all of these situations your robot can easily be reprogrammed and/or retooled to take on these new tasks. Although many machine tools offer Cartesian-style automation for narrowly defined tasks, industrial robots with multi-axis, articulated design and high performance control systems, offer the same high level of performance over a broader range of applications.

maintainability-icon Maintainability

Every Gosiger robotic automation system is comprehensibly documented as installed so we can provide lifetime support. We not only supply this documentation to the user, we also maintain it on our corporate server so it is available when needed. Because we back up all robot and PLC programs, we can quickly restore the system to “as installed” condition. We supply mechanical and electrical documentation with purchased component bills of material that include manufacturer names, part descriptions and part numbers. Detailed drawings of parts that Gosiger custom manufactures can be used to make replacement parts or as a starting point for new designs. We also empower customers to support their systems through local outlets of nationally distributed product lines like Allen Bradley, Siemens and others.

programmability-icon Programmability

You don’t need special expertise to program robots in a Gosiger Automation system because we don’t mask the robot control with a proprietary front-end interface. Instead we empower your team to easily create new part programs that maintain consistency and continuity. The thorough program documentation we provide is easy to understand and use, and if you prefer to create new programs you don’t need to purchase and learn additional software. In addition, you can use our programs as templates.

Find the ROI of automating your workflow with this ROI calculator

What's The ROI?

If you’re considering automating all or part of your manufacturing process it’s likely you already recognize that robotic automation can reduce labor costs, increase throughput and improve part quality to boost your overall productivity. The next logical concern is justifying the cost.

ROI Calculator

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Custom Solutions

Automating sophisticated manufacturing processes that include complex parts, multiple machine tools and other factors requires more than a standardized solution. That’s why Gosiger Automation takes a “clean sheet of paper” approach. We consider your specific challenges and needs, and then determine the appropriate system functionality, cell control, data collection and ergonomics necessary to provide the best possible result.

Click to view a video of one of our automation setups.

Standard Robotic System Designs

Automation Within Reach

Gosiger has teamed up with Automation Within Reach to bring our CNC machine users a new Robotic tending solution. The Load & Go* from AWR (Automation Within Reach) is a simple, versatile, and affordable system for those customers who demand a broad range of parts produced in small lots sizes at increasingly competitive price points with no robotic programming! The Interactive user interface allows step-by-step part set up in minutes!

Check out this whitepaper to discover how robotic machine tending makes automation possible for any CNC shop.
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Drawer Cell


The Load & Go* DC series machine tending system holds a wide variety of part sizes in a very compact footprint reducing labor and eliminating errors associated with manually loading parts.

View The DC Series

Rotary Cell


The Load & Go* RC series tending system makes automated machine tending simple and practical for the job shop. Its flexible design lends itself to a very wide variety of part sizes, and its simple operation makes it practical even in low volume high mix environments.

View The DC Series

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Discover which Load & Go fits your needs for the parts you're making. With a few clicks, put Automation Within Reach for your shop! 

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Interested in Streamlining Your Workflow?