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Gosiger Automation

From job shops to Fortune 100 manufacturers, the pressure is on to drive down costs in order to be more competitive and profitable. At the same time materials, labor and other operating costs continue to rise.

Meanwhile finding skilled machinists capable of operating today’s sophisticated CNC equipment is a challenge. For many manufacturers  the best solution to reducing cost-per-part is robotic automation.

Gosiger Automation specializes in applying robotics to streamline workpiece flow. The result is improved throughput, reduced direct labor costs, consistent part quality and faster deliveries. Whether you’d like to automate the loading and unloading of a single machine tool or  enhance the workflow of an entire production line, we can help. With dozens ofsuccessful installations in factories throughout the U.S. and 90+ years of working in the machine tool industry, Gosiger Automation has the talent and experience to develop a solution that precisely meets your needs.

Get The Complete Story

The Gosiger Automation Process
How we work with you to develop a robotic automation solution that fits your requirements perfectly.

Why Robotic Automation?
An in-depth look at the top 7 benefits.

Return On Investment
Dollar and cents examples of how robotic automation provides excellent ROI.

Gosiger Automation Products & Services
Standard robotic systems, complete custom solutions and ala carte services.

Key Advantages To Robotic Automation

  • Reduced labor costs. Every time we touch a workpiece we add cost to the final part or product. Industrial robots far more efficiently load, unload and reposition parts during a machining cycle. This means your machine operators can perform other tasks instead of waiting to load the next part.
  • Faster production times. Robots never pause when a machining cycle is complete. They immediately perform the next task in the process, thus providing greater machine throughput on every job.
  • Better quality parts. Using vision and force sensing, robots precisely and consistently place and handle workpieces, while in-process gauging systems and advanced controls monitor and maintain accuracy.


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