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Gosiger News

Why Buy a Swiss-Style Turning Machine?

November 3, 2017

Why Buy a Swiss Turning Machine - 1200x628.jpg

High precision machining and high volume production don’t always go hand-in-hand. That’s why Swiss watch makers developed sliding headstock turning machines that achieve both goals.

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High Volume Production of Long Rods & Shafts on a Swiss-Style Lathe

July 24, 2015

Swiss-style sliding headstock CNC machine tools are ideal for high volume output, provided they have the necessary rigidity and accuracy. In this video you’ll see how a Nomura NN20UB8 turning machine equipped with a Quick Load Servo bar loader makes long shafts from blanks with no operator intervention.

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Productivity Enhancing High Volume Production Solutions in Gosiger IMTS 2014 Booth S-9266

August 1, 2014

Productivity Enhancing High Volume Production Solutions In Gosiger IMTS 2014 Booth S-9266Gosiger High Volume Division provides unique solutions for manufacturers who want to increase throughput, reduce cost-per-part and improve time-to-market. In IMTS booth S-9266 visitors can see these products for themselves and discuss their specific applications with Gosiger technical experts. Product lines represented include:

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Gosiger Reports from the 2013 Precision Machining Technology Show

April 30, 2013
High Volume

According to Mark Walker of Gosiger High Volume.

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Medical Show Attendees Seek to Improve Manufacturing Capabilities

March 13, 2013

mdm resized 600According to Gosiger’s David Cogswell, the common theme expressed by attendees of the 2013 Medical Design & Manufacturing Show West was a desire to improve or expand their manufacturing capabilities. “The people I spoke with were company owners, manufacturing engineers and other production people looking for better ways to make their products, and to expand their businesses.” This, of course, bodes well for both the manufacturing sector and the overall economy.

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Meeting the High Volume Part Family Machining Challenge

January 15, 2013

BTB TransferBTB Transfer, Bovezzo Italy, demonstrates how high output / quick changeover metal cast machining solutions can go hand in hand without sacrificing a manufacturer’s future flexibility. Transfer machining solutions are known for fast cycle times, small footprints, high accuracy and reduced labor costs. On the downside, a transfer solution can also mean a loss of flexibility and long changeovers, especially when a solution needs to address the many part numbers contained in a single or multiple family of parts. BTB’s new M10 transfer machine takes aim with a serious solution. The platform delivers 5 axis (3 axis machining + 2 axis clamping) horizontal and vertical machining capability at 5 of the machines’ 6 stations. Additionally, each horizontal and vertical station utilizes a 6 tool, tool changer for a total of 60 available tools.  The machine is a viable alternative to multiple, stand-alone machining centers for the mid- high volume manufacturer. BTB Transfer is sold and serviced exclusively in North America by Gosiger High Volume, Dayton OH.

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Gosiger Named Exclusive Distributor for Shimada Cam-Free Multi-Spindle Lathes

August 22, 2012

ShimadaDAYTON OH – CNC machine tool distributor and factory automation specialist Gosiger, Inc. announces that its High Volume Division is now the exclusive distributor of Shimada 6- and 8-spindle lathes in North America. In this role Gosiger will provide application engineering, technical service, parts and customer support.

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Looking for Specialized CNC Machines for High Volume Manufacturing?

August 6, 2012

HighVolume 14Gosiger’s High Volume Division provides unique products for out-of-the-ordinary CNC machining applications:

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Gosiger Displays High-Volume Products & Robotic-Based Automation Examples at IMTS 2012

July 31, 2012

DAYTON OH – CNC machine dealer and factory automation integrator, Gosiger, Inc. will display several new high-volume manufacturing products and examples of robotic-based automation systems in IMTS 2012 booth S-9266.

Representative products from the high-volume manufacturing products line include:

  • Nomura Swiss-style turning machinesdescribe the image
  • Shimada multi-spindle lathes
  • BTB multi-spindle rotary transfer machines
  • Bumotec multi-tasking machining centers
  • Sinico automatic cut-off and end-finishing machines
  • IFP single chamber, monoblock industrial cleaning units       
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