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Gosiger News

5 Steps Toward Bridging The Knowledge Gap

July 14, 2017

I once knew a teacher who bristled at the word “training.” She said, “You can train dogs to do simple tricks. You can train monkeys to perform certain tasks, but human beings should be educated.”

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Here’s an Easy Way to Sharpen Your Metal Cutting Skills

September 23, 2016

Whether you have a newbie in your shop or just want to hone your own or your employees’ metal cutting skills, Sandvik Coromant has just what you need: A free, e-learning course that covers both the basics and latest metal cutting techniques.

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7 Steps Towards an Educated Workforce

November 14, 2013

describe the imageIn the world of CNC machining we tend to think of employee training as beginning and ending with “how to” lessons relating to specific machining functions. In fact, companies should be thinking in broader terms and promoting continuous education. Here are 7 suggestions to help you shape an employee education program that works for your business:

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Reaching Out to the Next Generation of CNC Machine Operators

October 22, 2013

CECAR ClimateEcosystemsChangeAdaptationRDespite improvements in the overall economy, unemployment in the U.S. remains higher than desirable. Even so there are CNC machine shops that can’t find qualified candidates for available jobs. One reason is that experienced machine operators who are capable of working with today’s advanced manufacturing equipment are hard to find. Another is that many young people have a misconception of what working in a modern manufacturing facility is like. Worse yet, those who have an interest may not have the opportunity to gain experience with today’s sophisticated CNC machine tools and, therefore, are less desirable new hires.

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Taking the Pain Out of Employee Training

May 28, 2013

describe the imageHow do you go about training new workers on shop procedures, or introducing new procedures to existing employees? If you’re like many shops, you rely on more experienced employees to train others. Although this may be effective in some cases, it usually ties up valuable people and takes far longer than it should. A more cost-effective method is to document procedures on paper or electronically so they can be easily passed along multiple times, thus reducing the manpower involved.

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Service as Well as CNC Machine Performance Key to Manufacturer’s Productivity Improvements

April 24, 2012
Morbark 3

Morbark, Inc. is the industry leader in heavy-duty wood harvesting equipment known for performance and reliability. So Central Machine Shop Director, Joe Faber wasn’t about to settle for anything less in his CNC machines.

“When we were ready to add some new CNC machines we looked at all of the options and were most impressed with the Gosiger organization’s thorough knowledge of manufacturing and the capabilities of the Okuma products. We checked with other manufacturers who had switched to Okuma CNC machines from Gosiger. Everyone we spoke with beat the drum for the quality of the Okuma products and the technical support and service from Gosiger.” As a result, Morbark now has two Okuma horizontal machining centers and an Okuma vertical mill.

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3 CNC Lathe Training Goals

June 5, 2011

CNC lathes are only as efficient as the operator at the helm. Gosiger understands the need for CNC lathe training to make full use of your CNC machinery and robotic automation stations. So, in addition to offering cutting-edge CNC lathes, grinders, and milling centers, we also provide the training to use them.

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