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Gosiger News

New PrimeTurning™ Concept Boosts Productivity

December 15, 2017

Sandvik PrimeTurning - 1200x628.jpg

The traditional approach to a turning process involves cutting from the end of a workpiece toward the chuck. As a result, the entering angle of the cutting tool must be around 90º to enable the tool to reach the shoulder. Although using less of an entering angle would increase the feed rate, such an approach typically produces undesirably long, curved chips.

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Troubleshooting Turning Machine Cutting Tool Problems

October 27, 2017

High-quality CNC turning machines are more reliable and versatile than ever before, which gives users the confidence to perform unattended and lights-out operation.This, of course, requires having the right machine tools, and accessories such as bar feeders and chip conveyors.

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Choosing The Right Cutting Tool Material

June 9, 2017

Key factors when selecting cutting tools for any machining process are cutting data, tool path, workpiece material and cutting tool geometry. Perhaps one of the most important considerations is the material from which the cutting tool is made.

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How To Detect Tool Breakage Without Interrupting The Machining Cycle

July 29, 2016

Undetected broken drills or taps are notorious time and materials wasters. Almost as bad is a detection system that interrupts the machining process to check the tools. In this video Gosiger engineers demonstrate how a BK Mikro checking device can be used in-magazine to check for tool breakage outside of the cutting area.

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Tooling & Aerospace Materials: Learn From Experts

September 22, 2015

Machining aerospace materials can be challenging in a number of ways, especially when dealing with high temperature alloys. This is especially true for CNC shops that traditionally work with more common materials such as carbon steels and non-ferrous alloys. For example, heat-resistant alloys may require both significantly lower cutting speeds and greater tool pressures.

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Using Thread Whirling to Machine Better Bone Screws

January 23, 2015


Making parts for medical applications is a growing field that opens up opportunities – and challenges – for CNC shops of all sizes. Orthopedic parts, like bone screws, are good examples. Although these devices appear to be relatively simple, efficiently producing a bone screw that meets the required standards of quality isn’t as easy as it looks.

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Service Tip: 7 Things You Need to Know About Gibs, and Why You Should Care

September 30, 2013

Here are 7 things to keep in mind about gibs:CNC machine gib

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7 Ways to Reduce Tool Wear

September 5, 2013

WornToolsCNC machine cutting tools are perishable by nature, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take steps to prolong the life of your cutting tools. Not only are the tools, themselves, an expense but replacing worn tools can interrupt production and add labor costs. Not replacing worn tools in a timely manner can also impact the quality of a workpiece.

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Top 7 Things to Look for in a CNC Machine Tool

March 26, 2013

cnc machine checklistFor more than 90 years Gosiger sales engineers and applications specialists have worked with hundreds of machine tool customers to help them select the best equipment for their manufacturing operations. During this process they share what they believe are the most important characteristics to have in a CNC machine for their specific applications. However, regardless of the customer’s unique requirements, here are the top 7 fundamentals that these CNC shop owners and production managers in companies of all kinds and sizes want in a new machine tool.

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Reducing the Effects of Chatter When Machining, Milling & Turning

September 27, 2012

Okuma CNCGosiger customers who choose Okuma CNC machine tools benefit from a great many proprietary functions that are built into many Okuma lathes, turning centers, multitasking machines, and machining centers. These functions are part of the company’s Intelligent Technology initiative to make machining faster, easier and more profitable. One of these is the Machining Navi system that reduces the affects of chatter by optimizing spindle speed for milling and machining, and by expanding the chatter-free zone in lathes.

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