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Swiss-Style Lathes and Micro-Part Fabrication

Working with a Swiss-style lathe or screw machine is typically the best solution for micro-part fabrication. While avoiding the use of a Swiss-style lathe can be done, you may be missing out on the advantages of working with this helpful machine.

At Gosiger, we understand that working with a Swiss-style lathe can be overwhelming if you’ve never used one before. Once you understand the benefits of producing complex, miniature parts in one machine, it may be hard to continue operating without one. Swiss-style lathes allow you to effectively and economically produce intricate, parts to the millimeter scale with ease. We offer expert guidance and seasoned advice to select the proper solution for your machining challenges.

Need help with financing as well? Gosiger’s financing division, Connext, offers help in leasing or purchasing the CNC machinery you need to keep ahead of your competitors. Allow our experts at Gosiger to help you maximize the manufacturing of extremely small, high-output parts with a Nomura Swiss-style lathe.

Contact us today to find out how your production potential can be increased.