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Gosiger News

Machining for Aerospace: 101

August 30, 2018


Making components for aerospace applications presents a number of challenges for CNC shops that want to expand into the markets for civil, commercial and military aircraft. Dealing with harder-to-machine materials, tighter tolerances and traceability requirements may require adding more advanced manufacturing technologies and new skill sets.

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New Intelligent Multitasking CNC Machines for Aerospace, Oil & Energy, Medical and More

August 22, 2014

Okuma’s-Intelligent-Technologies-solutions-191x163_(1)A new series of high-accuracy multitasking CNC lathes dramatically reduces the number of fixtures required for complex part machining, thus reducing setup time while increasing machine uptime. Now available from Okuma and Gosiger, the Multus U Series includes the U3000 with a 39.4” bed and the 59.05” bed U4000.

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Streamlining Die/Mold Machining with CNC Machining Centers from Gosiger

April 3, 2012

The traditional approach to die/mold machining typically involves a number of steps that require multiple CNC machines and 5 to 7 part handlings. This labor-intensive process builds substantial cost into each job. The good news is that you can reduce these costs by using a high speed CNC machining center that can often handle the entire operation in one place.

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