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Gosiger News

An Inside Look At Okuma America’s Charlotte, NC Facility

October 21, 2016

Ever wonder what you’ll see if you visit the Okuma America headquarters in Charlotte North Carolina? This brief video lets you, literally, fly through the facility where you’ll see Okuma CNC machines, the expansive parts warehouse and other customer support areas. 

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See How Getting Started with Your Okuma CNC Control is Quick & Easy

March 11, 2016

In the early days of CNC machine controls, setting up programs could be a bit challenging. Okuma changed all of that with the Windows-based THINC OSP control that makes getting started quicker and easier than ever before.

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Okuma Partners in THINC Adds New Member

June 12, 2015

Okuma’s Partners in THINC brings together over 40 companies dedicated to helping manufacturers improve productivity and solve machining challenges. The Okuma OSP Control, with its open architecture, is at the center of these solutions. Gosiger and Gosiger Automation have been long-time THINC members, applying their expertise to maximizing CNC machine performance for their customers.

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THINC—Partnership for Building Serious Solutions

April 30, 2014





This photo gallery depicts the partnership and tells the story of Gosiger Automation and Okuma's THINC technology working together to provide serious solutions. Read and learn more from our white paper that outlines how Okuma Intelligent technology stops crashes, compensates for temperature issues and reduces machine chatter.  
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Technology Showcase Presents the Latest Productivity Tools for CNC Machine Shops

November 19, 2013

2013 Tech ShowFrom December 10 – 12, 2013 Gosiger's partner, Okuma, will present the latest technology tools and strategies to help CNC machine shops maximize productivity and profitability.

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This Video Demonstrates a Custom APP For an Okuma OSP Controlled CNC Machine

August 6, 2013

describe the imageIn this brief video, Gosiger 3-D Applications Engineer, Brian Stall, shows a custom APP designed by Gosiger’s Aftermarket Support Department. This APP is an example of the possibilities inherent with the Okuma THiNC API (Application Program Interface). Gosiger engineers have developed a number of APPs to meet customer requirements. Machine users can also create their own custom APPs using Visual Basic.

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Can’t Find The Right Manufacturing Solution? THINC® Again!

June 12, 2012

Partners in THINC® is a unique concept developed by Okuma that brings together over 30 leading manufacturing equipment companies, including Gosiger’s factory automation division, to help advance CNC machine and accessory technology while developing real-world solutions for their customers.

Okuma’s stated mission for Partners in THINC is: “…to provide a complete manufacturing solution to our customers - One Source for all the latest in Technology. Our objective is to bring together the leaders of technology providers and create a partnership that will provide the lowest cost, best solution to meet the needs of manufacturing worldwide.”

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Faster, Smarter, Hardinge Vertical Machining Center Now Includes Okuma THINC Control

February 21, 2012

Intelligent Control Systems 4Dayton, Ohio – Gosiger, Inc., a leading machine tool distributor and factory automation provider, announces that it can now supply the Hardinge VMC GX 1000 vertical machining center (VMC) from Hardinge equipped with the Okuma THINC control system. The result is a value-priced VMC with enhanced capabilities and, for Okuma CNC users, the additional convenience of a common control system.

Adding THINC increases the VMC GX 1000 maximum feed speed to 1417 ipm (36 m/min) from 392 ipm (10 m/min) and makes acceleration and deceleration faster and more precise. Additionally, THINC enables the VMC to increase throughput by reducing processing time from control to tool to a mere 3-5 milliseconds, increases power to allow machining of harder alloys to 60 Rockwell, simplifies part programming with on-board capabilities, and increases program storage to 2 GB.

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Intelligent Control Systems Boost Hardinge VMC Productivity

January 10, 2012

“Work smarter, not just harder” has been a manufacturing mantra for a number of years. Usually this directive is aimed at production managers and machine operators. However the concept recently took on a new meaning when Gosiger, along with fellow Okuma dealers Hartwig and Morris, convinced Okuma to apply the company’s vaunted THINC system to the Hardinge-built Bridgeport VMC GX 1000.

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Award-Winning Okuma CNC Lathe Control Systems

May 30, 2011

Gosiger leads the way to better solutions and superior services by partnering with the most innovative manufacturers in the CNC machining industry. One example of this is an Okuma CNC lathe THINC intelligent control system. It addresses one of the more critical elements in machining today - thermal deformation.

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