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Video, Nomura, Swiss-Style

Video Shows How Efficient & Versatile a Swiss-Type Lathe Can be with the Right Peripherals

December 18, 2013

latheLong rods and shafts that require multiple operations can be efficiently machined on one Swiss-type lathe – if part of a well thought out work cell. Gosiger High Volume department met this challenge as demonstrated in this brief video of a customer installation.

Gosiger engineers added a QuickLoad shaft loader and designed a custom guiding and extraction device for fully automatic loading and unloading of a Nomura NN20UB8 Swiss-type lathe equipped with an M70 Mitsubishi control. The video demonstrates how the machine performs multiple drilling and end work operations using multiple OD tools, 4 live spindles, and a CNC actuated multi function guide bushing.

View the video below then contact Gosiger High Volume for more details.