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CNC Controls Service Tip: a Simple Way to Prevent Costly Repairs

June 13, 2014

CNC Controls Service Tip: A Simple Way To Prevent Costly RepairsBecause the computers and electronics that enable us to program and control CNC machine tools are typically housed in a protective cabinet, we sometimes forget that they are still subject to damage if heat builds up or debris finds its way into the enclosure. In fact, a widely accepted rule of thumb is that the rate of failure for electronic devices is cut in half for every 50º F (10º C) decrease in temperature.

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7 Facts CNC Shops Should Know About Heat, Humidity & Electronics

July 11, 2013

ElectricalWiresSummer is upon us and, in most parts of the country, that means heat and humidity are on the rise. For CNC machine shops, increasing temperatures and humidity levels are more than a physical discomfort. They represent a real danger for the electronic components of machine tools, computers and other shop equipment.

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