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Looking for Specialized CNC Machines for High Volume Manufacturing?

HighVolume 14Gosiger’s High Volume Division provides unique products for out-of-the-ordinary CNC machining applications:

BTB CNC rotary transfer machines significantly reduce labor costs while producing high volumes of parts with very low cycle times and allowing quick and easy changeovers within part families.

Nomura Swiss-style CNC turning machines enable long production runs while holding tight tolerances to .0005” on hard bar stock materials with diameters of 32mm or less. 

Bumotec complex machining centers are ideal for complex, tight tolerance, fine surface finished parts for medical devices, instrumentation, aerospace and other industries. 

Shimada 6- and 8-spindle lathes use a cam-free design for faster changeovers, provide excellent accuracy and repeatability and are an affordable alternative for high-volume production of less complex parts.

Sinico automatic cut-off and end-finishing machines enable manufacturing of lower production lots with higher tolerances from bars, tubes or extrusions.

iFP sealed vacuum solvent parts washers remove oil and loose chips from parts with multiple faces, blind holes, cross-holes, deep ID threads and other complex features, while meeting the strictest environmental standards by internally recycling solvents through distillation.

Alesa-Monti large horizontal boring and milling machines are built for long-term ultra high geometric accuracy and reliability. Especially suited to large, tight-tolerance prismatic parts. 

To learn more about these and other high volume innovations, contact Gosiger today.

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