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A BTB Transfer machine is the lowest cost per part alternative.

Parts are machined complete in one operation with very low labor cost. Change over within part families is very efficient.

BTB Transfer designs and manufactures a wide range of CNC transfer machines oriented towards high productivity. Many configurations are available including horizontal and vertical axis machines. A new series of flexible machines expands the possibilities of the rotary transfer machine.

High volume industries served by BTB include automotive, fluid power, plumbing and household appliance.

BTB Transfer configurations:

  • 2-way
  • 3-way
  • Multiple-way
  • Modular transfer
  • Transfer with bar load
  • Transfer with orbital units


Traditional CNC Rotary Transfer Series

Precise and productive multi-station machine capable of several machining operations, including producing parts from raw material.


Flex Series

Simple multitasking machine with versatile functions and high production capabilities.