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Gosiger News

What to Expect From Gosiger at IMTS 2022

June 13, 2022

The biggest manufacturing event of the year is just around the corner, so come and explore the latest innovations in machining technology at IMTS 2022. We're excited to finally be back at IMTS and help you discover technologies and inspiration that will be your catalyst for a productive 2023!

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Gosiger Named Exclusive U. S. Distributor for Jingdiao.

April 27, 2022


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Swiss Machine Tool Pre-setter Reduces Adjustment/ Replacement Times by 60%

November 6, 2018


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How to Recover from a Tool Change Interruption on an Okuma Mill

November 1, 2018


If the automatic tool changer on your Okuma vertical or horizontal milling machine suddenly stops in the middle of changing a tool, there’s a quick and easy way to solve the problem. 

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A new simple to install and operate CNC loading and unloading platform is an affordable way for CNC shops to increase productivity.

October 25, 2018
 LoadGo-Drawer-Front+screen  LoadGo-Rotary-Front

Gosiger now sells and supports a new CNC machine tending platform that enables any size shop to add robotic part loading and unloading to their production process. The result is lower cost-per-part and increased productivity.

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Vacuum Parts Washer Replaces 3 Cleaning Stations, Improves Quality Control & Provides Safer Workplace

October 16, 2018


Plant Manager Steve Masters oversees an 86,000 square foot facility with over 100 machine tools that perform precision manufacturing of parts for aerospace, medical, power distribution and automotive industries. 

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Automation & Industry 4.0 at IMTS 2018

October 12, 2018


A universal goal of the more than 130,000 visitors to IMTS 2018 (September 10 – 15) was improving the performance of their manufacturing operations. Much of what they saw had a common theme: The continuing evolution from focusing on discrete machines to bringing together various manufacturing technologies, such as traditional subtractive, laser, additive and digital connectivity. 

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New High Velocity HMC Reduces Processing Time by up to 60%

September 20, 2018

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5 Tips for Building a Spare Parts Inventory & Why You Need One

September 17, 2018


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Machining for Aerospace: 101

August 30, 2018


Making components for aerospace applications presents a number of challenges for CNC shops that want to expand into the markets for civil, commercial and military aircraft. Dealing with harder-to-machine materials, tighter tolerances and traceability requirements may require adding more advanced manufacturing technologies and new skill sets.

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