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Gosiger News

New High Velocity HMC Reduces Processing Time by up to 60%

Manufacturing structural components for aerospace applications presents a number of challenges including holding tight tolerances and working with difficult-to-machine materials. The Modig HHV series universal horizontal machining centers are specifically designed to machine bar and extrusion components for aerospace and other industries with faster cycle times and fewer changeovers. 

The Modig HHV-2, for example, accommodates aluminum and carbon fiber parts up to 60 feet long and reduces cycle times by 40% to 60% compared to standard machining centers. A patented rotary chuck design controls the reference jaw through the CNC control, making it possible to clamp surfaces to a new position or already pre-joggled parts. Feed rates are 0 – 60 meters per minute. Typical parts are longerons, stringers, floor beams, seat tracks and small detail parts such as clips and brackets.

 A video prepared by Modig demonstrates how the unique features of the HHV machining centers make producing aerospace components faster and more cost-effective. Gosiger West Coast is the exclusive sales and service provider for Modig machining centers in California. To learn more contact Gosiger West Coast, 6400 Gateway Drive, Cypress CA 90630. Phone: 714-446-7770. Email: brad.gecowets@gosiger.com