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Gosiger News

A new simple to install and operate CNC loading and unloading platform is an affordable way for CNC shops to increase productivity.

 LoadGo-Drawer-Front+screen  LoadGo-Rotary-Front

Gosiger now sells and supports a new CNC machine tending platform that enables any size shop to add robotic part loading and unloading to their production process. The result is lower cost-per-part and increased productivity.

Load & Go requires no advanced programming skills, using an intuitive, menu-driven HMI to make setups and 10-minute-or-less changeovers quick and easy. 

Because it’s a compact, self-contained unit, installation is as simple as placing Load & Go in front of the CNC machine, anchoring it to the floor and connecting air, power and Ethernet service. The touch screen HMI takes you through the setup process, and a video installation and operation guide walks users through each process. 

Load & Go comes in two basic versions. The first has 4 parts drawers that use easy-to adjust templates to accommodate a wide range of round, square or rectangular part IDs and ODs. This makes Load & Go ideal for low volume, high mix applications. The other version utilizes a rotary table. 

To learn more about the affordable, simple to operate, versatile and reliable Load & Go CNC machine tending platform from Automation Within Reach, contact your local Gosiger facility