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Troubleshooting Turning Machine Cutting Tool Problems

High-quality CNC turning machines are more reliable and versatile than ever before, which gives users the confidence to perform unattended and lights-out operation.This, of course, requires having the right machine tools, and accessories such as bar feeders and chip conveyors.

The selection of cutting tools is another significant factor, as is setting up the machining process to optimize production and maximize tool life. Sandvik Coromant has a number of helpful online guides and apps available, including a page of troubleshooting tips regarding cutting issues for turning applications.

For example, the troubleshooting guide advises that if you experience “long, unbroken snarls winding around the tool or workpiece,” one possible cause is a feed rate that is too low for the geometry. Remedies for this include increasing the feed rate, selecting an insert with better chip breaking capability or using high-pressure coolant. Other possible causes are that the depth of cut is too shallow, the nose radius is too big, or it’s necessary to adjust the angle of entry.

Additional troubleshooting tips address other chip issues, surface finish problems, burrs, vibration and chattering. There are also remedies for common tool wear issues, such as flank wear, notch wear, crater wear and many others.

Gosiger works closely with Sandvik Coromant and other manufacturing industry leaders to provide expert applications assistance to our customers. Gosiger’s Engineered Services Division goes a step further by analyzing and improving manufacturing processes. Contact your nearest Gosiger location to learn more.