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Tooling & Aerospace Materials: Learn From Experts

Machining aerospace materials can be challenging in a number of ways, especially when dealing with high temperature alloys. This is especially true for CNC shops that traditionally work with more common materials such as carbon steels and non-ferrous alloys. For example, heat-resistant alloys may require both significantly lower cutting speeds and greater tool pressures.

 If you’re struggling with machining aerospace materials or thinking about moving into the aerospace parts market, be aware that choosing the right tooling is essential. Even under ideal conditions tooling is subject to accelerated edge wear due to the hardness and toughness of high temperature alloys. Common tool wear problems are Flank Wear, Crater Wear, Built-up Edge, Notch Wear and Chipping. These can dramatically reduce tool life, interrupt machining cycles and lead to quality problems. That’s why you should work closely with a cutting tool supplier who has experience with and understands the nature of machining these exotic metals.

On September 24, 2015 at Gosiger Headquarters in Dayton, Ohio you can hear a live presentation about aerospace machining from Brian Hoeffer of tooling maker Sandvik Coromant. He’ll discuss the latest turning and milling techniques for machining the super alloys and aluminum that are typically used to make aerospace parts.

This free presentation is part of the two-day Gosigerfest 2015 celebration of advanced CNC machine technologies, Executive Sessions and Technical Seminars. Other topics include:

  • The Perfect Chip presented by Blue Swarf
  • Intelligent Machining presented by Caron Engineering
  • Parametric Macro Based programming presented by Tim Berry
  • Attacking Process Control With Probing Technology presented by Blum-Novotest

Register today as seating is limited.