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CNC Grinders

For product manufacturers in the machining industry, CNC grinders are the workhorses of their production lines. The versatility and high amount of precision make these machines a highly valuable and crucial player in the world of machining. CNC grinders enhance productivity by offering features such as automatic tool loading and the support of multiple grinding wheels.

Apart from increasing productivity, CNC grinders are also incredibly accurate and precise. These grinders use in-machine tool measuring with touch-probe or laser technology. The sophisticated software that is integrated with these grinders allows geometrically complex parts to be designed using third-party CAD/CAM programs. These programs feature 3D simulations of the entire process – assuring that any potential mechanical collision is avoided, and also calculating the entire production time, so you know exactly how long each part will take to machine.

The most common industries that make use of CNC grinders are aerospace, medical, automotive, agricultural, and industrial segments of manufacturing. Unlike some machining tools that can be complex and confusing to operate, CNC grinders are generally easy for toolmakers, operators, and CNC machinists to learn. Many of these machines eliminate manual inspection of parts and provide real-time, in-process measurement. This feature, along with programmable work tables and table stroking positions, enables grinding of multiple parts – all with the push of one button.

CNC grinders provide unmatched performance. The improvements in production times, accuracy, and reliability found in the use of CNC grinders from industry leaders prove these machines can certainly help any shop move to the next level.