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Free Aerospace Machining White Papers

july-aerospace-blogAerospace machining represents a great opportunity for CNC machine shops that are searching for new income streams. However there are a number of challenges to overcome and specialized skills required.

Fact is, producing parts for civil, commercial and military aircraft is unlike making parts for consumer goods, automotive, construction and many other industries. The materials tend to be more exotic, the tolerances are often stricter, and the traceability requirements more stringent.

That’s why Gosiger has prepared two white papers that explain critical issues that CNC machine shops need to understand before approaching the aerospace market. These papers discuss the various types of machining necessary for engine, structural, and non-structural components, as well as the materials involved. They also address appropriate CNC machine types, tooling, control and accessories such as chip and coolant management, and high-pressure delivery.

You can download both white papers for free from www.gosiger.com/resources.

And if you still have questions about aerospace machining, Gosiger brings over 90 years of machine tool experience, a team of applications experts, unmatched technical service and customer support to help customers find the best solutions for any manufacturing challenge. Visit www.gosiger.com to learn more.

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