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Gosiger News

New Intelligent Multitasking CNC Machines for Aerospace, Oil & Energy, Medical and More

Okuma’s-Intelligent-Technologies-solutions-191x163_(1)A new series of high-accuracy multitasking CNC lathes dramatically reduces the number of fixtures required for complex part machining, thus reducing setup time while increasing machine uptime. Now available from Okuma and Gosiger, the Multus U Series includes the U3000 with a 39.4” bed and the 59.05” bed U4000.

Both models are equipped with Okuma’s Intelligent Technologies solutions: Thermo-Friendly Concept has a proprietary 3-step machine design, construction and controller system to compensate for temperature variations throughout the machining process. Collision Avoidance System uses real-time, 3-D modeling to simulate machine movements and eliminate costly crashes. Machining Navi enables optimum spindle speeds that reduce the affects of chatter. Uses built-in sensors and the OSP operating system to detect vibrations and adjust spindle speeds accordingly.

Other features include:

  • Heavy-duty, robust Okuma platform for long-term rigidity and accurate performance
  • A highly rigid, traveling column enables powerful machining along the entire Y-axis
  • OSP-P300S control reduces keyboard operations by 50% for shorter setup times
  • Easy tool loading from the front of the machine and improved spindle access make setups faster and easier
  • Smooth chip discharge for better chip flow
  • Optional W-axis sub-spindle hands the part from one spindle to the other to complete milling and turning operations without changing the part
  • Optional lower turret provides additional capability for increased throughput and process balance
  • 17 specification variations are available including multiple bed lengths

Contact Gosiger for complete specifications.