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Streamlining Die/Mold Machining with CNC Machining Centers from Gosiger

April 3, 2012

The traditional approach to die/mold machining typically involves a number of steps that require multiple CNC machines and 5 to 7 part handlings. This labor-intensive process builds substantial cost into each job. The good news is that you can reduce these costs by using a high speed CNC machining center that can often handle the entire operation in one place.

If you’re following the traditional die/mold machining process, it probably looks a lot like this:

  1. Choosing a machine strategy and programming the CNC machines
  2. “Green Machining” or roughing the part soft
  3. Hardening, which usually means sending the part out
  4. Electrode machining for secondary operations
  5. Using EDM for finish operations
  6. Completing final polish and other operations on the workbench

In addition to the operator time spent on multiple setups, programming and part handling, there is also the cost of multiple fixtures and off-site hardening. Add to that the increased possibility of human error and damage from excessive part handling, and the potential for scrap, rework and diminished quality increases substantially.

However, by switching to a high speed CNC machining center, the die/mold machining process looks like this:

  1. Programming the machining strategy into one machining center
  2. Finish hard mill using pre-hardened stock

In many cases that’s all there is to it, as EDM or bench work may be eliminated.

The keys to realizing these benefits are: (1) Obtaining a quality high speed CNC machining center that has the power, rigidity and accuracy for die/mold machining; (2) having a fast, robust, machine control system capable of communicating with the machine encoders and servomotors at 3 to 5 milliseconds; (3) using open format Cad/Cam software for various cutting strategies; (4) employing new tooling technology from a vendor that provides reliable support.

To learn more about how high speed CNC machining centers can help make die/mold machining faster, easier and more profitable, contact Gosiger today.