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Gosiger Productivity Solutions Abound At IMTS 2012

July 3, 2012

When IMTS 2012 opens on September 10 in Chicago’s McCormick Place, Gosiger technical staff will be seen all around the South building, from Gosiger’s own booth (S-9266) to Okuma’s booth S-8500 and Hardinge booth S-8148.

In Gosiger’s booth, the company will display a number of new products from its high-volume line and an interactive display of robotic–based automation solutions. Among the high-volume product lines represented are:

  • Nomura Swiss-style turning machinesIMTS2012 noDates web
  • Shimada multi-spindle lathes
  • BTB multi-spindle rotary transfer machines
  • Bumotec multi-tasking machining centers
  • Sinico automatic cut-off and end-finishing machines
  • IFP single chamber, monoblock industrial cleaning units

The Gosiger Automation robotic demonstrations include loading and unloading, distinguishing good parts from bad, force sensing (plug & spine), quick change End of Arm Tooling (EOAT) and more. In addition to these live demonstrations, Gosiger Automation will present videos of recent customer installations so visitors may view real-world applications of automation principles.

Experienced Gosiger technical and applications staff will be on hand to answer customer questions about both high-volume products and automation systems.

Gosiger staff will also be present in Okuma booth S-8500 in which the CNC machine company will introduce eight new machines including the MU-10000H, the largest Okuma 5-axis, horizontal, high-speed machining center. This new 5-axis CNC machine has a maximum work piece weight capacity of 5,500 pounds and can accommodate a work piece up to 59.05” in diameter by 44.29” high.

According to Okuma, other new machines to be introduced include:

  • The LT3000-EX offering three turrets for optimum flexibility and a balanced main and right spindle. The 16-station M-function turrets have bolt-mount tooling and allow for redundant tooling in order to best utilize back-up tools for lights-out manufacturing or high production runs. This machine features Machining-Navi and Collision Avoidance System. This will be the first time the Okuma 3-turrent machine has been on display in the United States.
  • The LU3000-EX provides high production tied with thermal stability. This machine incorporates the latest in live tooling technology where the tooling is bolted to the turret for optimum support and power engagement. The IMTS featured machine will showcase Machining-Navi, Thermo-Friendly Concept and harmonic spindle speed control (HSSC).
  • The MB-10000H is Okuma’s largest horizontal machining center. This machine is built on the Thermo-Friendly Concept and includes Thermo-Friendly TAS-S and TAS-C providing a highly stable machine platform.
  • The VTM-1200YB 5-axis control vertical multitasking machine enables turning of relatively large, complex-shaped parts and process-intensive machining with 5-axis multitasking to achieve high production efficiency.
  • The Millac-33TU features a 2-axis rotary table and THINC®-OSP Control. This machine is a combination 5-axis vertical lathe/vertical machining center that performs heavy-duty milling and turning operations in one set-up.
  • The Multus B200II is a general purpose, multi-function machine that is designed to reduce set-up time by virtually eliminating repetitive fixture. The IMTS machine features a sub-spindel (W), P300S control, Machining-Navi, Super NURBS, tool center point control and Blum gaging.
  • The Multus B750W features THINC-OSP Control, Collision Avoidance System, and Thermo-Friendly Concept. This machine is designed to hand the part from one spindle to the other to complete milling and turning operations without changing the part.

Hardinge booth S-8148 features workholding products to grip parts to be turned, milled, ground, welded, assembled or positioned in the small-to-medium parts machining industry. Hardinge custom workholding products can increase precision and accuracy; reduce job setup, changeover time & operator handling; eliminate second operations; minimize expensive, bulky fixturing; add flexibility to the machine; solve gripping problems; integrate automation; and reduce the workload of your own engineering staff.

Hardinge has completed over 200,000 custom workholding designs, while offering over 40,000 standard products. Workholding Engineers will be on hand at booth S-8148 to discuss your gripping problems and Hardinge capabilities. You are encouraged to bring your part prints and machine information.

Gosiger’s team of manufacturing productivity specialists look forward to meeting you at IMTS 2012 to help you find the best possible solution for your unique applications.