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Okuma LU3000 EX

LU EX Series | LU3000 EX

The LU3000 EX turning center, Okuma's latest evolution of 4-axis turning in the 8-10 inch chuck class, uses two tools simultaneously to provide process flexibility and high removal rates. The large work ranges of the upper (V12) and lower (V8) turrets mean less interference and more adaptability. The LU3000 EX's 45-degree box bed with all box way construction provides maximum support for the carriage and cross slide. The spindle's three-point bearing system makes the spindle more durable.

The machine is equipped with Okuma’s THINC®-OSP P300 control with a one-screen “easy operation” feature with an open architecture design.

Model Variations
LU3000 EX LU3000 EX-M
LU3000 EX-MY LU3000 EX-MW
LU3000 EX-W
L = Standard Turning Y = Y axis
M = Milling W = Sub-spindle
  • LU3000 EX Straight
Quick Specs
Max Turning Diameter (upper) mm (in)

Ø 340 (Ø 13.38)

Max Turning Diameter (lower) mm (in)

Ø 220 (Ø 8.66)

Spindle Nose Type A2-6 [opt. A2-8, A2-11]
Speed Range min⁻¹ 45~4,200 [opt. 45~5,000, 30~3,000]
Standard Power kW (hp) VAC 22/15 (30/20)
Rapid Traverse m/min (ipm) 25/30 (984/1,181)

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