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Okuma MU-10000H

MU-H Series | MU-10000H

This horizontal speed machine, the latest and largest of the Okuma MU range of 5-axis machining centers, has a 1-meter-square pallet with capabilities of high torque and efficiency to meet many machining requirements. The machine is designed with Okuma's high-quality design stability in precision for the most difficult of applications, providing the user with a durable, efficient production platform.

Watch the MU-10000H in action.

  • Mu-10000H Straight
Quick Specs
Maximum Workpiece Size mm (in)

Ø 1,500 x 1,125 (Ø 59.05 x 44.29)

Maximum Load Capacity kg (lb) 2,500 (5,500)
X-axis (Table R/L) Travel mm (in) 1,550 (61.02)
Y-axis (Spindle U/D) Travel mm (in) 1,600 (62.99)
Z-axis (Column F/B) Travel mm (in) 1,600 (62.99)
A-axis Trunnion Swing

+26° to -115
B-axis Pallet Rotation


Spindle Speed


10~4,500 [opt. 50~6,000]
Spindle Power kW (hp) 40/30 (54/41) [45/37 (61/50)]
Maximum Spindle Torque Nm (lbs/ft) 1,920 (1,416)