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No Need to Sacrifice VMC Performance For a Low Purchase Price

When it’s time to buy a new car most of us are drawn to the top-of-the line model equipped with all the latest bells and whistles. Then reality sets in and we decide which features are really important and those we can live without for the price we want to pay. However we still want excellent performance, reliability, safety, and value for our investment.

CNC shop owners may face the same scenario when deciding on a new Vertical Machining Center. The good news is there are lower cost alternatives to the top-of-the-line models that still deliver exceptional value. A good example is the Bridgeport Conquest V1000.

Unlike many lower-cost machines, the V1000 is built on a heavy-duty frame that provides the stability and rigidity necessary to maintain the micron-level accuracy needed to make precision parts for aerospace, automotive, energy and other demanding applications. It weighs in at 15,400 lbs., includes the unique BIG-PLUS® dual contact spindle, has 45mm ball screws on all axes, 35mm X-axis linear guides and 45mm guides on the Y- and Z-axes.

In addition to robust construction, V1000 provides a generous working area with these axis travels: 40” X-axis, 24” Y-axis and 24” Z-axis. And while comparably priced VMCs have limited-function controls, The V1000 comes with a feature-packed Mitsubishi M70, 64-bit control with NAVI MILL programming.

Of course, there’s more to any machine tool purchase than features and price. You also want expert installation and training to get you up and running quickly, plus 24/7 technical support, readily available replacement parts and routine maintenance services. Fortunately you get all of this and more when your VMC comes from Gosiger, a family-owned and operated company serving manufacturers for more than 90 years.

So if you’re looking for an affordably priced VMC with the performance, accuracy and reliability of much more expensive machines, take a good look at the Bridgeport Conquest V1000. Your local Gosiger machine tool expert can give you all the facts.