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Automation Video: One Robot, Two VMCs, 4 Workpiece

January 16, 2015

Automation Video: One Robot, Two VMCs, 4 WorkpieceIn another example of Gosiger Automation designed robot-based factory automation, this video, demonstrates how a Fanuc M-16iB robot services two Okuma Vertical Machining Centers (VMC). Each machining center is equipped with 4-position, 4th axis indexers. Four workpieces at a time are loaded into precision workholding fixtures, and returned to precision pallets for further automated processing. Note how the conveyor system moves the workpieces into position for the robot arm to pick and load them into the machine tool, then flips the fixture around to deposit the machined parts into the pallets. The machined parts are then moved along the conveyor to the next step in the process.

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