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Gosiger News

See How Getting Started with Your Okuma CNC Control is Quick & Easy

In the early days of CNC machine controls, setting up programs could be a bit challenging. Okuma changed all of that with the Windows-based THINC OSP control that makes getting started quicker and easier than ever before.

Today Okuma equips most of its CNC machines with OSP controls, while some models offer the option of a Fanuc control. In this series of video productions, Okuma demonstrates three basic functions on both types of controls:

Program Select

Tool Length Offsets

Work Zero Offsets

Each video shows step-by-step procedures in real time, so you can see precisely how easy it is to start making parts with Okuma lathes, HMCs, VMCs, 5-Axis and specialty machines.

To learn more, contact your local Gosiger facility or visit www.gosiger.com.