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Boosting CNC Machining Productivity With Okuma’s Intelligent Technology

March 26, 2012

Intelligent Control Systems 4 It’s a constant challenge to make high-quality parts while reducing cycle time, material waste and operator involvement. That’s why Okuma engineers design machines that use the latest technologies to help manufacturers reduce the time an operator spends adjusting for temperature-related issues, avoiding costly collisions and determining optimum cutting conditions.

These built-in functions on many Okuma CNC lathes, turning centers, multitasking machines and machining centers are part of the company’s Intelligent Technology initiative to make machining faster, easier and more profitable.

The three systems that make up Intelligent Technology are:

  • The Thermo-Friendly Concept that deals with thermal deformation. Through a proprietary 3-step machine design, construction and controller system, many Okuma CNC machines compensate for temperature variations throughout the machining process. As a result, manufacturers maintain precise tolerances and eliminate wasted time and materials.
  • The Collision Avoidance System (CAS) uses real-time, 3-D modeling to simulate machine movements and eliminate costly crashes. Machine collisions can cause significant damage, machine downtime and substantial labor and material costs. CAS enables operators to spend less time setting up and worrying about possible crashes, so they can concentrate on making quality parts.
  • Machining Navi enables optimum spindle speeds that reduce the affects of chatter. There is both an automatic and a manual mode for milling machines and machining centers that use built-in sensors and the OSP operating system to detect vibrations and adjust spindle speeds accordingly. For lathes, Machining Navi adjusts spindle speeds to the ideal amplitude and wave cycle. 

Download the white paper that explains Intelligent Technology in Okuma CNC machine tools in more detail, or contact Gosiger for more information.