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Big News for 5-Axis Machining

5-axis machineThe benefits of 5-axis machining are well known to many manufacturers. Unlike traditional 3- and 4-axis machines, 5-axis simultaneous machining eliminates multiple special fixtures and considerable operator time required to move parts from one machine to another and set up the parts in between machining cycles. With true 5-axis capability you can completely machine a part in one cycle, often without any special fixtures, and with no costly operator intervention.

If you machine very large components for aerospace, heavy equipment or other challenging applications and would like the advantages of accurate, reliable 5-axis machining, Gosiger has good news for you: Okuma has introduced its largest and most powerful horizontal, high-torque, high-speed 5-axis machining center. The MU10000H has an extra-large trunion table with a one-meter square pallet that enables it to handle workpieces with diameters to 59.05” by 44.29” high that weigh up to 5,500 pounds.

Standard features include a 2-pallet Automatic Pallet Changer (APC), THINC P200MA control system and the exclusive Thermo-Friendly Concept. Okuma’s Thermal-Friendly Concept incorporates machine construction that makes expansion and contraction highly predictable, a thermally symmetrical design and strategic placement of front covers and control cabinet for even heat distribution, and highly accurate compensation technology that responds to changes in room temperature and heat produced by frequent spindle speed changes and dry cutting. This feature allows the machine to run from a cold start because it resists thermal deformation, thus minimizing thermal growth. 

To learn more about this big breakthrough in 5-axis machining, contact Gosiger today.

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