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3 Manufacturing Developments You Can’t Ignore

February 19, 2016

A recently released survey conducted by the Association For Manufacturing Technology (AMT – the folks who bring us IMTS every other year) identifies three major trends that have enormous impact on how OEMs, distributors, integrators and end users will function in the future.

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5 Reasons To Take Additive Manufacturing Seriously

January 29, 2016

Few foresaw the impact digital technology and the Internet would have on all of us. Is 3-D printing the next major paradigm shift?

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Here Are 5 Trends in CNC Manufacturing You Need to Know

December 4, 2015

When enough CNC shops engage in a given activity it becomes a trend that others should be aware of. Here are five manufacturing trends identified by recent surveys and discussions with shop owners. They may not all be right for your company, but it’s prudent to consider how they might affect your

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Eliminating Chatter: BlueSwarf To The Rescue?

August 1, 2014

Chatter, the vibration created when CNC machine tooling engages a work piece, affects turning, milling, and drilling operations, but is especially troublesome for milling. Even minimal chatter can shorten tool life and impact part quality. Too much chatter can even damage machine tools.

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New Systems Help Gosiger Field Technicians Provide Enhanced Customer Service

July 30, 2013

Dayton, OH – Gosiger, Inc. field technicians are part of a team that provides customer support for the machine tools, accessories and factory automation systems the company sells and installs. As part of an ongoing program to enhance customer service, Gosiger recently launched the MyTECH

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6 Ways to Demystify CNC Programming

April 16, 2013

Whether you’re brand new to CNC machine programming or working with a new machine tool control system, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and even a bit intimidated. Gosiger applications engineer and CNC programming instructor Kevin Chandler has taught scores of machine operators over the past 20

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Utilizing Hardware & Software for Increased Productivity

November 12, 2012

One of the most prominent technological trends on display at IMTS 2012 had more to do with communications and process control than speeds, feeds and other mechanical specifications. While CNC machine tool OEMs continue to create better, faster and more accurate products, they also enable

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What is the Okuma API

November 7, 2012

Could Video Help Your Business?

October 11, 2012

Website Customers CNC 3 It’s no secret that, next to word-of-mouth, the Internet is where your potential customers are most likely to learn about your company. One of the most compelling ways to use the Internet is by including video presentations on your site

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Boosting CNC Machining Productivity With Okuma’s Intelligent Technology

March 26, 2012

Intelligent Control Systems 4 It’s a constant challenge to make high-quality parts while reducing cycle time, material waste and operator involvement. That’s why Okuma engineers design machines that use the latest technologies to help manufacturers reduce the time

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