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Could Video Help Your Business?

Website Customers CNC 3 It’s no secret that, next to word-of-mouth, the Internet is where your potential customers are most likely to learn about your company. One of the most compelling ways to use the Internet is by including video presentations on your site and on YouTube. You can use video to give a virtual tour of your manufacturing capabilities, showcase new technology, interview satisfied customers and much more.

Here are three ways to insure that your videos capture the attention of the viewer and hold their interest:

  1. Content is still king. The only reasons potential customers spend time watching your videos is to gain useful information that can help them solve their manufacturing problems. People want to hear stories they can relate to and see demonstrations. Show and tell how your company delivers on its promises, use testimonials from satisfied users, and have a clear call for action so the customer knows the next steps to take.
  2. Quality is important. Yes, I know. You can shoot video from your smart phone or digital camera. Please don’t. Although these devices continue to improve, professional equipment really does make a difference. More important, professional videographers know how to frame and properly light a scene, and have mastered camera moves and other techniques that greatly enhance the image of your products and your organization. Moreover, even the best raw video needs experienced editing. Investing in professional help will give you the greatest ROI.
  3. Keep it short. It’s no secret that our collective attention spans have diminished in recent years. Viewers typically will spend one to three minutes, but not much more, watching your video. The trick is to get your key message across in that time span and then direct the viewer to additional information sources. 

To see how Gosiger has utilized video check out our youtube channel.