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Gosiger News

Flexible Pallet Cell Makes Robotic Automation Affordable

Manually loading and unloading workpieces is not only tedious, repetitious work for machine tool operators, it also adds time and labor costs to every part you make. Automating the process using an industrial robot can reduce these costs while giving your shop’s productivity a significant boost. Now Gosiger Automation reduces the cost of robotic automation with its Flexible Pallet Cell (FPC).

This standardized design concept is an affordable solution for parts weighing form 10 to 250 lbs. and comes equipped with a Fanuc, Kuka or ABB robot. When the robot is fitted with a vision system it’s not necessary to place the workpieces in a precise location or orientation, as the robot can accurately locate parts on a pallet, pick them up, orient and load them for machining and place the completed part back on the pallet.

FPC can service from one to three machine cells at a time and is suitable for lathes, machining centers, grinders and other machine tools. In most cases you can use standard wood pallets, plastic pallets, or vacuum formed trays.

The Flexible Pallet Cell is a turnkey system installed, tooled and programmed for your specific needs. Installation, start-up and training usually take one week.

FPC is one of several new products in the GoCells series from Gosiger Automation. With 90+ years of machine tool experience behind it, Gosiger Automation designs and builds robotic automation solutions from simple cells to highly complex, high volume, complete production systems.