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Manufacturing Pallet Systems: 7 Questions

pallet-systems_(1)It’s no secret that factory automation is one of the keys to improving manufacturing productivity. Of course, the term “automation” includes a number of technologies that can be applied to various manufacturing functions. The trick is to integrate the right components into a seamless automated system that best meets your needs.

Among these components are manufacturing pallet systems that can:

  • Deliver materials, blanks or workpieces to the machining site
  • Interface with robots and other devices to load materials into the machine tool and unload parts between operations
  • Move parts to the next work station
  • Unload finished parts
  • Move finished parts to the shipping area

To choose the best pallet system for your particular requirements, you should consider a number of factors including:

  1. Does the system allow you to integrate CNC machines from more than one source? This is vitally important if you are using machine tools and accessories from multiple suppliers.
  2. Can the system handle various size pallets? This capability allows you to use the best size pallet for each part you are machining.
  3. How easy is it to expand the pallet system as your business grows? Can it service a virtually unlimited number of machine tools?
  4. Are the components modular so you can reconfigure the system to accommodate production changes, or would modifications require a major overhaul?
  5. Does the pallet system include centralized tool storage and management to automatically monitor and replace tools as needed, thus reducing production interruptions?
  6. Does the system include a control and software modules capable of managing all aspects of the operation and allowing for easy modification?
  7. Can the pallet system be easily integrated with robots and other automation components?

The Gosiger team has extensive experience using pallet systems, where appropriate, as part of complete factory automation systems. They can answer all of your questions and help you decide the best approach to automating a single work cell or an entire factory. If you’re considering factory automation, contact Gosiger, Inc.